Thursday, May 13, 2010

Simple Accessories For Spring 2010

Although it may not feel like it right now, Spring will soon be here! This season, soft pastel shades are making a come back, with key colours such as cream and light pinks a great way to refresh winter wardrobes. Team with light greys for elegant workwear options and add punches of colour with simple accessories.

Fashion Street Style: a red velvet bow

How perfect is this for a rich, very vintage-inspired take on the bow headband trend? Velvet is great for Winter and so is the sumptuous deep red colour. Bip Ling wears the bow with a pair of raybans and an oversized mens tee.

Who Looks Better: Malin Ackerman, Kourtney Kardashian or Nikki Reed

A trio of Hollywood stars have been spotted in the same outfit over the last few weeks. One is Malin Akerman who starred in Watchmen.

And of course who doesn't know Kourtney Kardashian and Nikki Reed who both have naked pictures scattered over the net.

The Twilight Saga star claims her laptop was stolen, a convenient excuse when shots of her in her birthday suit are released. While Kourtney was on the record saying she'd likely pose naked while pregnant.

Back to School Fashion Trends - Smart And Simply Fashion

Beautiful Young Girl Fashion Paintings

Cute Fashion Dress - New Young Styles

Monday, April 19, 2010

Pretty meets punk

The floral print on this bow headband is a little like your grandma's Victorian-era furniture upholstery (not such a bad thing in my book); while the addition of little skulls adds a twist of attitude. This gorgeous model's name is Polina Sova; the photographer Wilfredo Alexander.

Bow headband: shoot by Wilfredo Alexander

POLINA by Wilfredo Alexander POLINA by Wilfredo Alexander POLINA by Wilfredo Alexander POLINA by Wilfredo Alexander POLINA by Wilfredo Alexander POLINA by Wilfredo Alexander POLINA by Wilfredo Alexander POLINA by Wilfredo Alexander POLINA by Wilfredo Alexander

If Tom Ford designed tampon packs

..this is what they'd look like. Except they'd probably be made of rare genuine ostrich skin and crocodile leather, and would set you back a few grand a pop. So no, these are not Tom Ford but a well designed and unique little accessory that quickly grows on you as an elegant way to carry around, well, you-know-what. At a minimal price.

The aptly (if not so subtly) named Tampurse is an accessory which proves to be both practical and aesthetic. The Tampurse closes firmly and keeps all your 'feminine items' from spilling around in your bag (and let's face it, there's nothing worse than reaching into your bag for your purse and having rogue tampons jump out like little white ninjas onto the checkout counter). There are some slightly over-glamorous designs that I wouldn't personally use - but the vintage inspired selection look like they might just as easily carry the slim cigarettes of some 1940s screen starlet.

Daria Werbowy fringed

And you thought exposed midriff couldn't be elegant... well, you were wrong. It's not just for trash-glam teens, pool parties, and aerobic workouts. If nothing else, Daria Werbowy proves that the humble tie-front shirt can be sophisticated enough to take you to day, night, office, wherever, you name it.

In fact this whole pictorial from Vogue US is about simple elegance, with refined pieces like tailored man-style pants, classic trench coats, and sporty-casual slouch tops. Daria's long hair is matched with a fringe; a look we're not accustomed to, though of course she looks great as usual.

Daria Werbowy with bangs in Vogue US

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Daria Werbowy: Vogue US May 2010 Daria Werbowy: Vogue US May 2010 Daria Werbowy: Vogue US May 2010 Daria Werbowy: Vogue US May 2010 Daria Werbowy: Vogue US May 2010 Daria Werbowy: Vogue US May 2010

Burberry's shearling

More trendspiration for your Fall 2010 wardrobe (yes, I know it's sometime off - but this jacket is simply too hot not to want right now), this time focused on the evolution of the women's military fashion trend and its fusion with aviation chic.

Burberry shearling jacket

Blanka Dudas makeup workshops

Regularly spotted backstage at the likes of New York Fashion Week, makeup artist Blanka Dudas is something of a veteran. I won't go into the long list of celebrities she's worked with, suffice to say we were interested to hear that Blanka will be running makeup workshops in Melbourne, starting on May 1st. The workshops are aimed at "demystifying the confusion of makeup application, simplifying the beauty regime, and educating women in the basics of natural makeup application." We expect Blanka will have plenty of gems of knowledge to impart, so worth a look if you're Melbourne-based.

Blanka Dudas makeup

Sunday, April 18, 2010

ways to be fashionable when you hit the gym

So sporty clothing has made it big as a 2010 fashion trend. But just because your slouchy grey tracksuit pants have made the step up from your gym bag to your Sunday morning coffee date, doesn't mean your workout gear should stop getting your love and attention. Au contraire, it can work both ways. Your fashion purchases can now find their way into your gym bag, too.

So without further ado, here are 5 ways to turn fashionable daytime trend-pieces into effortlessly hot workout wear, right now.

1. The one-shouldered sports bra

Alexander Wang put the idea in all our heads: turning the one shouldered trend into sportswear. Not the most practical or supportive idea, to be sure; but layered over and under other pieces? From streetwear to bang-on-trend gym wear.

Alexander Wang Spring 2010
Alexander Wang Spring 2010 runway collection

Alexander Wang sports bras

2. Sex it up with sporty sheer mesh

Breathable, sporty and dangerously sexy. Not much more needs to be said.

Lara Stone sheer bodysuit
Lara Stone in Vogue UK, April 2010

Gucci Spring 2010
Gucci Spring 2010 runway collection

3. Work your butt off in hot pants

If you're a keen investor in the hot pants trend but aren't getting as much wear out of them as you'd like, move a pair into your gym arsenal. Not only are they practical for fitness (in the right fabrics of course), they're also great incentive to work your butt into shape.

Natasha Poly hot pants
Natasha Poly in Vogue Italia, March 2010

Eniko Mihalik hotpants for Gentlewoman
Eniko Mihalik in hotpants: Gentlewoman issue #1

4. Stripey sports socks

An affordable and versatile 2010 gem, striped sports socks can add volumes to both a daytime outfit or a workout one - whether it's at the gym, on the tennis court, or the soccer field.

Sporty socks, Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith in Elle US, March 2010

Natasha Poly striped socks
Natasha Poly in Vogue Italia, March 2010

5. A luxe sun visor

Rule number 1: don't wear it indoors. Rule number 2: make it sleek and modern. For outdoor excercise you can't go past a sporty sun visor both to top off your outfit and shield you from any harsh rays.

Sporty sun visor, Hanne Gaby
Hanne Gaby Odiele in Vogue China, February 2010

Sporty sun visor, Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith in Elle US, March 2010

Sporty sun visor, Ashley Smith
Ashley Smith in Elle US, March 2010

And there you have it - no excuses to look drab at the gym anymore. To read more about sportswear clothing as a fashion trend, follow that link.